Local city and county commissions, task forces and departments that assist people with disabilities

City of Naperville Accessible Community Task Force

The Accessible Community Task Force (ACTF) is a citizen committee formed to complement the efforts of the Advisory Commission on Disabilities (ACD). Whereas the ACD focuses on City of Naperville facilities, programs and operations, this task force looks beyond City-owned and operated programs/facilities to assist individuals and private companies within the City.

City of Naperville Advisory Commission on Disabilities

The Advisory Commission on Disabilities (ACD) is committed to ensuring that every citizen is afforded an equal opportunity to access and participate in City programs, services, facilities and communications. This commission assists the City in the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), regulations and other laws concerning the elimination of discrimination of disabled persons.

DuPage County Services for Persons with Disabilities

TEL: (630) 407-6500

Information about services provided by DuPage County, such as the DuPage Care Center and Special Needs Service (Paratransit), can be found here.

DuPage County Community Resource Information C.R.I.S.

TEL: (800) 942-9412

The C.R.I.S. database enables residents to search for services such as housing and utilities, disaster services, food, transportation, clothing and household items, legal and public safety, health, wellness and dental, mental health and addictions, individual and family support, income support, employment, education, veterans, consumer, information and municipal services by city.