Working Together

Working Together

Naperville Electric Utility linemen work together to install an overhead transformer on a utility pole to increase reliability in the neighborhood.

Over a Century of Service

Over a Century of Service

In 2019, the Naperville Electric Utility is proudly celebrating 120 years as a public utility, owned by the customers it serves. Each month, the utility brings reliable electricity to more than 59,000 customers. The City of Naperville purchased the Naperville Electric Co. in 1899 for $18,000 when the population was 2,600 residents and there were only 350 customers. In 1920, the first substation was energized at Water and Webster Streets, shown in this photo, which was taken in the 1980s looking south to Water Street and the future home of the Municipal Center.

Your Electric Service

Naperville's municipally owned Electric Utility is locally controlled and managed, providing rates that are stable and competitive. Other benefits of local management include greater reliability and efficiency and quicker responsiveness to customer concerns. 

Pay Your Utility Bill

Naperville offers several convenient ways to pay your utility bill, including online payments.

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Did you know?

As of November 2019, the Naperville Electric Utility had

60,296 customers
compared to 350 in 1899, when the City purchased the Naperville Electric Company.